Barangay Bacong

No. of Puroks: 27
No. of HHs. 2011 (projected): 1,846
Distance from the City: 29.50Kms
Area: 4,827.0350
Population 2012 (projected): 8165

Barangay Bacong before was said to be one of the sitios of Barangay Ma-ao. It became a barangay after the Second World War.

The name Bacong is derived from a common plant, which was luxuriantly and abundantly growing in that area called Ba¬cong. This plant resembled a giant American onion, with flowers and long leaves. People in the locality use the flowers and leaves of the said plant as cure for boils.

The people largely depend on agriculture as the Barangay is considered as an Agrarian Reform Community by the department of Agrarian Reform.

Barangay Bacong is famous for its ARA-AL STONE and welcome orders in any quality.